Building and Planning
Residents interested in building a house or adding a structure must complete the following:
  1. Fill out a Zoning Certificate Application.
  2. Attach a completed drawing of the structure on a plot plan. If you do not have a plot plan, you can download and print out a county GIS map and use that instead.
  3. Include the appropriate fee to Valencia Borough. The fee schedule is located here. The check should be made payable to Valencia Borough.
  4. Send by mail and email items 1-3 to the Valencia Borough Zoning Officer. The mailing address 61 Almira Street, Valencia, PA 16059. The email address is
  5. The Zoning Officer will let you know if your permit is approved or not and determine what other steps are needed. Certain structures may require a building permit from Adams Township. You must first get approval from the Valencia Borough Zoning Officer before applying for a building permit.
Zoning Ordinance and Map
Zoning Ordinance
Map with parcel boundaries
Applications and Fees
Contact Information
Chris Rearick Zoning Officer,
Gary Peaco PA State Bldg. Code Inspections and Enforcement, (724) 625-1827
Planning Commission
Zoning Hearing Board Contact Information Coming Soon