Building Permits
Follow the three steps listed below prior to any construction, reconstruction, alteration or relocation of any building or structure, within the confines of Valencia Borough.
Step 1. Plot Plan and
Building Permit
Submit a plot plan and an Adams Township building permit application to the Valencia Borough Council.

The plot plan must identify utility, water, and sewer lines. The plot plan must also comply with the Valencia Borough Ordinance #230 (listed below) with regards to building setbacks from property lines, other buildings and streets.

Ordinance #230
  • Lesser distance of 25' from edge of road (right of way) OR 50' from center of line of road
  • 15' from property lines other than road way
  • 15' from other structure
Step 2. Approval from Council
Upon approval of your plot plan, Valencia Borough Council will file the information with Adams Township for the Building Permit.
Step 3. PA One Call
Before your contractor starts to dig, contact the Pennsylvania One Call System by dialling
8-1-1 or 1-800-242-1776 for the location of underground lines.
For more information, visit the Pennsylvania One Call website.